Jahan Sarwar
who am i!
I am Jahan Sarwar and I am from Bangladesh. I live in Finland and I am a Software Developer by profession. I have been involved in software development since 2009 when I came to Finland to study. I am a big fan of clean and maintainable code. I am basically a .NET person but super curious about open source. I am also a huge fan of functional programming and machine learning. Coding is my passion and hobby.
a bit more about me
Passionate about coding
Coding is my passion! I love to see my code growing step by step and finally doing what it was suppose to do. I prefer coding in a modular way without making it smelly. I am practically a .NET developer with C#. But I know other stuff as well. I have learnt most of the stuff at my own and everyday I either try to learn a new thing or develop my existing skills.
Highly motivated
I am highly self motivated both about coding and learning new technologies. I do make mistakes like others but I just don't stop there. I take a lesson from mistakes and move on. In this field you can't really learn if you don't make mistakes. Two things motivate me a lot. The first is when I see my code is developing and I know it's gonna work. Second one is when I see that my code is failing :(
Open mind for open source
Besides being a .NET developer I do keep an open mind for open source. It's actually amazing when I can participate in a discussion about an open source technology. The benefits are two folded. First, I get to know more about the technology and second I get to check my position in the discussed field. Which ultimately leads me to learn more on the topic. Though it's really difficult to keep pace with the open source world and initially it looks like a big rubic puzzle but hey! figuring something out or solving a puzzle is more fun. Isn't it!
Excited about new technologies
I love learning new stuff and if it is about technology then it's a bonus. I try to keep a small list of "to-Learn" which I try to tackle in my free time.