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Launching codereminder: a place to scratch the basics

Finally, it's time to launch codereminder. First thing first, the name codereminder is chosen for few reasons with a little bit of history.I am a .NET developer who just started his career. I love to learn new technologies. There are new technologies emerging everyday both from Microsoft and Open Source. Along with new technologies, old ones are improving and changing with each new version. Well I am not saying that one has to learn all the technologies but within my short tenure of work life I have learnt that, you should at least know or have proficient knowledge on a complete stack of either Microsoft or Open Source.

What does it mean?

Now, what do I mean by complete stack. Well, it's a bit tricky. I try to answer one simple question before putting a technology into a stack. Is there a better way of doing the same thing what I am trying or going to do? If the answer is yes, then I try to find the technology to achieve my goal and put it in my so called stack. Let me give you an example on this using C#. Let's say, you have an array of int and you want to find the biggest number. 

var numbers = new[] {1,2,11,3,4,5,7,8,9};

 In this case you might be thinking of using a loop right? Well, there is no harm in using a loop. The following code snippet serves our purpose nicely. 

var biggestNumber = numbers[0];
foreach (var number in numbers)
        if (biggestNumber < number)
            biggestNumber = number;

Let's simplify

But don't you want to write code that can do the same thing but smaller in size, fast in performance and easy to read? Yeah, there is a nice library in .NET framework called LINQ (Language Integrated Query). Using LINQ the same goal can be achieved in just one line.

var largestNumber = numbers.Max();

No need to write sql

So, as you can see learning LINQ is quite obvious in Microsoft world. Actually it's a must. No one writes SQL directly in their code anymore, because of many reasons. As I am trying to fill my stack with new technologies, I am putting myself in a great problem. And that is, I forget a lot. In fact, I forget most of any newly learnt technology. And I find it quite challenging. Because it leads me practice a lot. Each time I practice something I discover or learn something new. But the problem is I forget the new learning again.

Another important reason of creating this blog is keeping an organised storage of my practices. Earlier I had been just practicing stuff and saving them all over my PC. Which made it super difficult to find anything later.Finally, I have decided to start from the very basics of a few technologies those I use in my daily coding like php, JavaScript and jQuery. Well, I will also try to provide some interesting stuff about CSS also. And the reason behind this decision is very simple. I can always come back to my blog and find an article easily and i think it will be much easier for me to understand something that I have written.

February 28, 2014
Jahan Sarwar